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Some tips to help you catch some zzzzz’s


Sleeping may seem like a luxury to you now that you are pregnant…

Tossing and turning probably are considered your nightly exercises  since you have found out the good news.

Usually, not being able to sleep is the the result of anxiety and stress and hormonal fluctuations. (oh goody…those hormones again).

Also, Your abdomen is stretching now to accommodate your baby and this can make you feel really uncomfortable. This alone can make it uncomfortable for you to sleep!

Your baby is also pushing on your bladder, and frequent urination is something you have had to get used to during the night.

But take heart!…

Read these tips to get a better and more comfortable night’s sleep…so you can get the critical rest your body and mind need during this time.


Drink up!   Drink plenty of fluids during the day, but cut down before bedtime to minimize frequent nighttime urination

Stop Drinking Caffeine. Before you got pregnant your drinking habits probably included a lot of drinks that had caffeine in them, such as cola, tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. If this is still what you are drinking while you are pregnant, the caffeine is probably helping to keep you up at night. Switching to decaffeinated coffee, tea, and cola ( or even better…water!) will help you to get more sleep. Your unborn baby is also affected by how much caffeine you drink, so reducing your caffeine will help your baby not to keep you up by kicking you during the night.

Reduce stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety are key culprits in preventing a good night’s sleep. Remember that worrying won’t help you, but talking about your problems will. Find a friend or a professional who can listen and help you if there are issues in your life that are causing you to worry or feel upset.

Pillows to Help You Sleep. You will find that during your last trimester, you will become very uncomfortable when you are trying to sleep. You may feel like your baby is up under your rib cage, and your back is probably sore from all the weight that you have been carrying.

In other words, ybirth17ou are miserable, and you are having a major problem trying to sleep. The only way that you are able to sleep is on your side, and even this is uncomfortable.

What you can do, to alleviate some of these problems, is to use lot’s of pillows…try one under your knee, and another under your belly. Or one big long body or  Maternity pillow .These pillows are specially made to contour to your pregnant body, and they will help you to have a better night of sleeping.

Keep heartburn at bay. To prevent heartburn, don’t recline until 1-2 hours after a meal. If heartburn is a problem, sleep with your head elevated on pillows. Also, avoid spicy, acidic (such as tomato products), or fried foods as they may worsen symptoms.

Set the Stage for Sleep There is nothing like a long, warm bath before you go to bed, when you are pregnant. You can set up a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom. It can be an atmosphere that will soothe you, and help you to relax.

Try lighting some candles to give your bathroom a soft glow. Put aromatherapy bath beads into your bath tub that have a calming smell.

Use a soft, comfortable bath pillow, so that you can lay your head on the tub and relax. Taking this kind of bath before bed time will help you to sleep better.


Hopefully…some of these tips will help you get the sleep your body wants and needs!

…Night night…

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