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Get inspired by your mom made Wonder-Food!

Lesser-Known Facts about Breastfeeding Written by Danielle Rigg, JD, CLC, and brought to you by Best for Babes

The magic elixir of breast milk provides complete nutritional benefits for your little babe. The experience of breastfeeding also feeds his/her emotional, social and behavioral needs and delivers lifelong major health and emotional benefits to both of you, Babe. Sit back…put your feet up and relax as we  dazzle and inspire you with the most amazing lesser-known facts about things your breasts can do for you and your baby!! Heck, by the time you finish reading this, you’ll feel like you’re ready to leap tall buildings in a single bound! And well, you should. Because you, Babe, really have got it all!


  • Breastfeeding Your Baby Girl Reduces Her Lifetime Risk of Breast Cancer by as much as 25%. Protect two women for the price of one! 
  •  Your Milk is a Daily Vaccine Against Every Virus You Come Into Contact with. Worried about lactyour newborn getting that virus your 2 year old has? As you are nursing, your body will make antibodies against every virus you are exposed to and deposit them in your milk to protect your baby from getting sick, or help them to get better faster. This is why suspending nursing when you have a a cold or the flu is bad advice. We can’t tell you how many moms have been given such misguided advice by well-meaning relatives or ill-informed pediatricians.
  • Your Baby is born with an Immature Digestive System. Your Perfect Milk Completes the Development of Your Baby’s Stomach Lining Making it 15x Thicker Than that of a Formula-Fed Baby. This helps breastfed babies to absorb food more rapidly, grow better and resist contaminants and infections. In fact, this maturing process is being studied as lowering the risk of lifelong digestive diseases such as Crohn’s.
  • Your Milk Jump-Starts Your Baby’s Immune System. Your milk contains healthy bacteria, antibodies, white blood cells, antimicrobials and cell wall protectors — which is the science behind why exclusively breastfed babies have a significantly lower risk of contracting infections. Without this vital infusion, your baby is defenseless against common bacteria in our environment.


  • Breastfeeding Helps Babies Regulate Their Breathing. Newborns have immature respiratory systems and often breathe erratically. The experience of nursing—being close to you, being perfectly nourished, hearing your lungs inflate and deflate, hearing your heart beat—all help baby to breathe rhythmically and without problems.
  • Your Milk Provides Perfect and Varying Proportions of Fat, Carbohydrates and Protein For Babies of Different Ages. Your body knows who’s nursing: a newborn has different nutritional needs than a three, six or nine month old. Your milk is constantly changing to provide the perfect balance for your baby—even changing composition to better hydrate a baby with the stomach flu! On the other hand, formula is just that: one formula, the whole way through.
  • Breastfed Babies Make Better Eaters as Toddlers. Breastmilk is gourmet dining for the tiny tot set! Different foods, oils and spices you consume flavor your milk, introducing and exposing your baby to a variety of flavors before (s)he ever tastes solid food. Formula has one bland flavor. Period.
  • Your Milk Knocks a Baby Out Like Nothin’ Else! Human milk contains substances that induce sleep and calmness in babies. A sleeping baby is a very desirable result, right? Also, milk “drunk” infants look like they’ve gone to Nirvana. The sense of satisfaction you get from knowing your body delivered that one-two punch is priceless! 
  •  Breastfeeding Has a Calming Effect on You Too. When your baby nurses, your body releases the hormone oxytocin, which causes calmness, even sleepiness. It’s also one explanation why breastfeeding mothers experience less postpartum depression, and why there are fewer incidences of child abuse and domestic violence. Double bonus: your body releases endorphins during breastfeeding also, which benefit you–this is why breastfeeding mothers report being happier, less tired and having less post-partum depression.


Breastfeeding….It’s what’s for dinner!


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