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Fred Flintstone feet…


you found yourself sifting through your closet, looking for a pair of shoes that don’t kill your feet lately?

 You discovered that many of your shoes don’t even fit any more? Are flip flops your new best friend?? Chances are, your feet are swollen from pregnancy


. There are various reasons for your feet to swell during pregnancy, causing those favorite heels to fit a little more snugly, or not at all. Fortunately, there are some things you can do that may help a bit. 

The technical term for swelling of the extremities, such as the feet, during pregnancy is called edema. Fluid is collecting in the tissue. The  doctor or midwife will test for this by firmly pressing a finger on the affected area and watching your skin’s response. If it is edema, it will remained depressed for a moment and slowly return, as opposed to bouncing back the way normal tissue does. (Think of pressing a finger on your cheek – it never leaves an imprint, does it!)

It’s completely normal to swell up a little bit when you are pregnant. Your body is retaining more water and certain changes in your blood chemistry cause fluid to move into your tissue. Another reason you puff up a little, especially in the ankles and feet, is because the pressure on your vena cava by your growing uterus slows the return of blood from your legs back to your heart.

Now, if swelling is sudden and severe, it could be the sign of something more dangerous, like pre-eclampsia  If you notice that even your face is really swollen, contact your doctor right away.

In the meantime:

 Wear comfortable shoes

 Put your feet up and avoid crossing your legs or ankles.

To combat water retention, drink more water! Surprising? Yes, but it’s true. It will flush you out. If you have a hard time drinking enough water, read Increasing your Water Intake.

You might also try wearing a maternity support belt. ask the Doctor or midwife about these  support belts .

 If your hands are swollen, put away those rings for a while until they return to their normal size. You wouldn’t want to have to have them cut off in an emergency! It has happened!

Swollen feet…some mom’s have even jokingly called them Fred Flintstone feet


are often a by product of just being pregnant…Keep in touch with your Dr/midwife about them and try the tips above.

Remember soon it will be all worth it…And you’ll be holding someones perfect little feet!



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