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The three trimesters of pregnancy…


 Each pregnancy is divided into three chunks of time we call trimesters.

These three trimesters have different emotional and physical happenings that make them unique.

During the first trimester (weeks 2-12) your baby developed all of the basics for life.

The second trimester (weeks13-26) sees a lot of growth and fine tuning of the earlier work.

As you begin the third trimester (weeks 27-42) your baby is getting ready to be born.  You will start to see your midwife or doctor more frequently. At first your visits will occur every other week and finally weekly until your baby is born.

Visit the educational corner of the waiting room where you will soon find “fact sheets” and other information that describe each trimester!

Come to our weekly Moms Groups to learn and share (see the calendar link above)!


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