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See yourself successful…


A fabulous tool for ensuring your breastfeeding success (or any success for that matter) is to do mental imagery. You may be familiar with the concept of “think positive” or visualization—Michael Phelps is a testimony to what can be done by believing in yourself and believing it is possible! Mental imagery is an integral part of mind-body medicine, and is similar to those tools, but even more effective. It is also much quicker, lasting only a few seconds.

To do imagery, make sure you are seated in a straight-backed chair with arms, your feet planted parallel to each other flat on the floor (this is called Pharoah’s Posture). Breathe out and in 3 times, out through the mouth and in through the nose, with the exhalation being longer than the inhalation.
Here are two exercises you can do at any time, but we think the first is especially good to do in the second trimester of your pregnancy and onwards, and the second in the last trimester close to the time the baby is born, or after the baby’s birth, as needed.


SECOND TRIMESTER IMAGERY – Embracing the Mantle of Motherhood. Do this exercise first thing upon waking and last thing before sleeping for 21 days, or as needed once baby is born.
Breathe out and in 3 times and state your intention silently that you are now doing the Mantle of Motherhood transformation exercise to help you embrace and succeed in your new role as mother and it is taking a few seconds. 

See yourself growing in confidence and power as your belly grows. Imagine yourself taking a breastfeeding class, enrolling those close to you, and becoming knowledgeable and excited about nurturing your baby and giving your baby the best start in life. See yourself nursing your baby and handling any obstacles calmly and competently; you are strong, yet flexible and can adapt, solve any problems, and succeed. See yourself surrounded by a loving community of women who have gone before you and who are cheering you on, see yourself being admired by the women who come after you who will learn to take on the mantle of motherhood from watching your transformation and learning from your experience. Breathe out one time. See, sense, feel and know that you are truly powerful and open your eyes



THIRD TRIMESTER IMAGERY – A Perfect Beginning. Do this exercise first thing upon waking and last thing before sleeping for 21 days—or if your baby is already born, do as needed.
Breathe out and in 3 times and state your intention silently that you are now doing the Perfect Beginning exercise and it is taking a few seconds. 

See yourself after a wonderful birth experience. Your baby has just emerged from your body, wanting you and your love and nurturing. See your baby curled around your breast, melting into your body, warmed by your body temperature, comforted by your heartbeat and smell, and nursing blissfully away, getting all the nourishment (s)he needs from your Mom-Made Wonderfood. You have no pain or discomfort. Breathe out one time and see your partner or a loved one, looking on at the two of you, thinking they have never seen anything more beautiful or perfect, and neither have you. Breathe out one time and see, sense, feel and know that you are powerful, able to nourish this baby and that this is the perfect beginning and open your eyes.



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