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Reading babies cues…

One of the most astonishing things about newborns is their ability to communicate almost from the moment they are born.

Without words, they manage to let their parents know when they want to eat, learn, play, or rest. They also can use their bodies and some awful noises to send unmistakable signals when they need a break (or a diaper change!).

In the past, experienced friends and family members were there to help moms “decode” baby messages. These days, many new parents are on their own in trying to understand their babies’ signals, called “cues.”

Join us on

Tuesday June 14

at 5:30 

as we help you translate the seemingly random movements and sounds that your baby makes into comprehensible messages.

We’ll also learn about the stages a baby goes through when they are first born…

and how it all relates to breastfeeding!

Bring your partner…or bring a friend!


A visual on safe baby wearing…

Because some of you that couldn’t make it to our class asked…

Baby Massage Class on Tuesday…Join us!


Come join licensed Massage Therapist Martha Johnson

as she teaches you the power and gentle beauty

of Baby Massage:

Bring your baby (in your belly or out!) and a blanket.

learn how to communicate with your baby through the power of touch!

Tuesday March 16th at 5:30

At Partner’s.

Snacks provided

Gentle touch Helps:IMG_4371

  • Helps bond better with the baby

The more a mother cuddles and fondles her baby, the more likely she is to respond to it thus developing a strong attachment between the two.

  • Increases baby’s happiness

Through her touch, a mother communicates her feelings to her baby. Her baby, in turn, recognizes her touch and enjoys the close physical contact thus increasing the baby’s happiness.

  • Helps the baby grow into a more confident child

A baby recognizes her mother by her touch. On being touched, she feels comforted and secure knowing that her mother is there for her. This feeling of security translates into her growing up as a more confident and secure child.


  • Helps your baby gain weight

Babies that have been touched more often have been found to gain weight faster.

  • Better immune development

Studies have shown a link between increased physical contact between mother-baby and better immune development of the baby.

  • Deeper and easier breathing

Frequent and regular physical contact between mother and babies has shown to improve breathing in babies.

~Touch is one of the main ways to help you create a nurturing bond with your baby.

So touch her,

cuddle her,

cradle her

…and enjoy lots of special moments with your baby.


* Study involving 2,500 UK parents; findings published in the new Johnson’s Baby Power of Touch report.

Sling ‘em!


Slings have been around for thousands of years, and there is no question why! There are many benefits for both parents and babies to using a baby slings.

 ~~~Come and learn about slings and safe baby wearing with~~~

Baby wearing expert Ginger Duer

On Tuesday March 9th

5:30 at Partner’s

Try out slings and baby carriers…

Come practice wearing a baby!


It’s very important to wear your baby safely. Here are some tips to follow from renowned pediatrician Dr. Sears:

  • Make sure that no matter what carrier is being use that it fits the wearer and the baby correctly. Before purchasing a new carrier, be sure to try it on to assess its fit. Have someone familiar with that carrier check to see that it fits correctly, or to adjust it if need be. Practice putting it on and taking it off without the baby inside until comfortable with the procedure. A doll or stuffed animal can be used when practicing safely putting the baby into and out of the sling or carrier.


  • While you are getting used to wearing your baby, support him with your hands. As you go through the learning phase of moving and reacting, the urge to support your baby with your hands is instinctive. After you become a babywearing veteran, you can safely carry your baby in the sling with one or both hands free.
    Wear baby cautiously in the kitchen. Do not wear baby while cooking or working with sharp or hot objects.


  • Do not drink hot beverages when wearing baby, although wearing baby while eating is safe.
  • When wearing your baby and stooping over, bend at the knees, not at the waist, and hold baby in the sling with one hand.
  • Toddlers, if worn are at your reaching level, can grab dangerous or breakable objects off shelves. Keep an arm’s distance away from potential hazards.
  • When going through doorways or around corners, be careful that baby’s body does not stick out past your arm and strike the wall or doorjamb.

  • Do not ride a bicycle or other moving vehicle while wearing your baby. Baby carriers are not substitutes for an approved car seat.

Read More about the advantages of babywearing here

The amazing…

Power of Touch…


A great thank you to  Martha Johnson, LMT

for teaching new mom’s…still pregnant mom’s…and even more experienced mom’s…

the importance and power of gentle massage.

at a recent PiPP Infant Massage Class.



Gabby and Bella…previous Infant Massage PiPP  Graduates are just about ready to teach it…Just about.




…to the newest PiPP graduates!



Even more fun!…..

Come Join us on January 5th, 2010

for a massage for relaxation class .

For Mom’s…for partners…for stress relief!


Bring a partner…bring a pillow…learn some wonderful massage techniques

helpful for labor and now…

with Martha Johnson, Licensed Massage Therapist.

Learn all about slings and baby wearing…

In Celebration of World Breastfeeding Week

LLL of the Treasure Coast

will host their 2nd annual

Sling Flingsling_dreamland_image

everyone invited!

Presenting the latest in baby wearing fashions
How-to tutorials
Wraps, slings, pouches, structured carriers
& simple pieces of cloth

Sponsored by local physician
Dr. Denise Punger, MD FAAFP IBCLC
Author of the hit sensation


Saturday, August 15, 2009
Morningside Library
2410 SE Morningside Blvd.
Port Saint Lucie, FL 34952

10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

$10 suggested donation includes 3 raffle tickets
Please bring a healthy snack to share
RSVP recommended
(772) 233-1883 (772) 460-0347


Models are needed for the the babywearing fashion show.


Wear ‘em!